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10 June 2005

The Debate

Barry - The Debate
Frank Barry's The Debate

Poems started going out today, 9 June 2005, in order of submission. Remember that if one out of nine editors rejects a poem that is it. Finito. Like in the big leagues, except that no one can pull for you. Because anyone can submit to Little Emerson, including editors, I will need a minimum of two rejections on a poem before I communicate the rejection to the author. Rejections, of course, mean absolutely squat. That’s why Little Emerson is. I may even submit. No one knows. I won’t like being rejected, but so what. I’m keeping statistics of poems submitted and rejected—hell that will be most of them—as well as editors’ comments on poems. Remember that editors need only say “no” and that’s it. You’re rejected. That’s so much power, isn’t it? I’ll post some editors’ comments here without identifying the editors so everyone can see what is being said. Unfortunately I can’t publish rejected poems for privacy and confidentiality reasons. It’s exciting though I’m having trouble with concepts: there is a name behind every rejection. And sometimes, of course, I just simply don’t agree with the editors. Their call. Good luck.


  • Alberto --

    It would be wonderful to post some of the editors remarks. I'm also sure you'll find some submitters brave enough (I'm one) who wouldn't mind their rejected poem printed anonymously next to the comments.

    -- Simon

    By Blogger Simon, at Fri Jun 10, 01:45:00 am  

  • Thanks, Simon, brave indeed. Initially, however, I’d like to maintain the original idea going: only accepted poems will be published here, which means, should I be right, that very little will be published here. In keeping with your idea though, I will try to compile editors’ comments for the authors who submitted. I would really like to do that. The fact that editors only reply to me means that they can react quite naturally to a poem; they don’t have to face the author’s reaction, defensive or otherwise. They can also be mean, capricious or kind.

    Thanks for your participation and support.


    By Blogger A.R.B., at Fri Jun 10, 04:08:00 pm  

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