Little Emerson

13 July 2005

Frida Kahlo's The Broken Column

Over fifty (50) submissions considered so far and not one poem has gotten more than four (4) “yes” votes out of nine (9). It’s a little sample, it is little emerson, but I must say that it crosses various borders of style, aesthetics and things. I’m so desperate at this point that I only want one poem that can muster a majority decision, Supreme Court-style to rule the poetic world. But no. It isn’t happening. Has Ashbery submitted as per A.D.’s suggestion? Has he been rejected? Where is Jorie Graham when you need her? She hasn’t submitted, not even anonymously. Vendler give us a hand!

These my editors are not licking ink on paper to get right down to the real taste. My poet friend, now deceased, who licked poems in front of me, literally, to make a point is laughing in the grave. It seems that consensus is out of the question. Is poetry like the stock market? Can we get a bunch of monkeys to throw darts and get the same results as learned humans? (Dear editors: read irony here.) I don’t have any friends who own monkeys. I don’t even have any poet friends who own monkeys. Anybody have a connection with the nearest zoo? It seems that majority consensus is out of the question. Is poetry doing this bad? This boring? Are my editors doing this bad? This boring? (Editors: read irony here or desperation to post something). Something.

This may be poetry after all, my friends.


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